At GOXO-GOXO country house, we are taking measures to fight COVID. Below, you can see the measures and procedures we are following:

  • We have a Contingency Plan in place to minimise the risk of explosure to the COVID-19 virus.
  • Sanitary measures are taken to make sure that the visitors enjoy clean and properly disinfected accommodation facilities.
  • We have received proper instructions and acquired all the necessary means of protection.
  • We have enhanced our cleaning and disinfection procedures following the guests’ checkout and departure.
  • We have adjusted our service procedures to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus (further information available upon request).
  • Maintain the two-metre safety distance between yourself and other guests as well as staff members.
  • Use hand sanitizers and disinfectants made available to you.
  • Dispose of used personal hygiene products using bins with lids placed in the bathrooms.
  • If you develop symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, etc., inform the lodging staff about it. COVID-19 medical hotline number in the Basque Country is 900.20.30.50.